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A singer-songwriter who has been in the business for over 50 years.

I learned to play at 12 years old and played in my junior high and high school bands. In junior high school, I  started a band with three friends. I think our name was The Scepters, but who can remember that far... we had a lot in common and harmonized well together. This seemed to be the beginning of my music career and in 1964 it was cemented by seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

After high school, I served with the 101st Airborne Div, in Vietnam. My musical influences include the Beatles and Poco to name a few.


Following my time in the service, I toured the US and Canada with Tim Miller and Hickory Wind country show bands. This is when I started writing music. After that tour, I played with the Measles (Joe Walsh's original band) at the Dome in Kent, Ohio. At one point I was asked to join the next version of the James Gang but declined.


I've played Southern and original rock with the band Sherriff featuring Paul Whitaker on guitar, where I continued songwriting. Sherriff released a single called Rosemary Marie.  After, I went on tour across the US and Canada with country show band Cody. We released a single called Speed Zone which I wrote.


Having played on two singles and four original albums so far, I have written or co-written 300 songs to date! I've opened up for acts such as Artful Dodger, The Guess Who, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Lee Greenwood, The Statler Brothers, The Oakridge Boys, Ray Price, George Strait, Marie Osmond, Tanya Tucker, Sawyer Brown and Mickey Gilley. 

The bands I've played in include: Scepters/Marauders, Shillings, Haymarket Riot, Rutland Station, Dappelgrim, Tim Miller and the Backwoods Four, Hickory Wind, The Measles, Sherriff, Cody, Badge, FOG Reunion and currently the DB Band!!


My five currently released albums are available on all streaming and downloading services and include; A Fifth of DB (2024), Big DB(2018), 4:41(2019), After Hours(2020), and

New Moon(2021).

I have always loved to rock and create songs with harmony and fun to listen to!

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