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441   Album Credits

  • Guitars- Todd Slabaugh, Dan Robertson

  • Bass- Dick Bowling

  • Keyboards- Jerry Keegan, Rik Williger

  • Drums- Mark Sorbara

  • Steel Guitar- Jerry Keegan

  • Dobro- Jerry Keegan

  • Vocals- Dick Bowling, Larry Sterpka, Saam Cabot

  • Harmonica- Rik Williger

  • Mandolin- Rik Williger

  • Recorded at RCR Recording Studios Solon, Ohio 44139

  • Engineer- Cary Chrichlow

  • Mastered at Bad Racket Recording Studios Cleveland, Ohio 44114

  • Engineer- James Kananen

  • Produced by Dick Bowling

© Songs From Home Music 2019

All Rights Reserved

Album Cover Concept by Bill Greene

Cover Edits by David Busch

Thanks to all my brothers and sisters who helped make this project possible.

Dedicated to my brother, road dog and friend Dominic Tortorella.

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